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Navayo secbox rack 77a4ae3ad5a7121888c64e7f264f8bfd64fd1b3052830336731b998a9f44d056

The SecRack is an ideal solution for those large organizations that already leverage the benefits of the Navayo MVCN™ infrastructure with their Secbox devices but need a large capacity Secbox for their data center. The SecRack protects your data with exactly the same high level of encryption and special cryptography hardware, but unlike its smaller brothers, it can transmit well over 600 megabits of secure traffic every second. The SecRack is a customized hardware solution: it is powered by Dell hardware and is secured by the patented MVCN™ technology of Navayo. It offers the best of both worlds: the power of rack-mounted Dell hardware together with the extreme security and easy operation of all Navayo hardware.

Broadband LAN/WAN ports

Easily connect to any part of the network for instant security benefits

MVCN-enabled device

Built for scalable, user-friendly network management under extreme security environments

Peer-to-peer operation

The decentralized network infrastructure enables fast and secure access


1U high, rack-mountable hardware for datacenter operation and easy installation